De : Bern (BE)
Swiss picturesque Emmental is not only host for cows and cheese, but also some first class METAL! NIHILO do their stint with the now available debut «Concordia Perpetua», featuring a set of first class death metal tunes.

In times of bulk-sized deathcore packages, death metal has been long told dead for some or at least a bit rusty, with the great bands low in number and dying away. That there IS an offspring for the queen of all metal genres is proven by bands such as Nihilo, who have, together with other local bands, added up to a death metal renaissance in the Swiss metal scene. Classic death metal riffs find themselves joined by intense melodies, creating a remarkable atmosphere and density, which gets even enhanced by the lyrical concept. That this concept works has not only been proven since the first day of the band's existence, but also in every single show the band has played so far. Their outstanding live energy has resulted in shows like the Mountains of Death festival, the Metal Dayz at the famous Z7 in Pratteln and supporting slots for PESTILENCE, SINISTER and more.
With their hardball, heavy, deep and intense debut, NIHILO finally prove why they are one of most promising Swiss bands. «Concordia Perpetua» features ten outbursts of elemental death metal forces, in a young and modern, yet downright classic blast festival.
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