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Henriette B :: Metalcore

De : Tavannes (CH)
Owner : henrietteb
Henriette B is a five-piece metalcore band and was born in fall 2009 in Switzerland. In 2010 was their initial three tracks demo First Steps released. The band played many shows across Switzerland and France gaining maturity. In the beginning of 2013, they released their first video clip for the song Cold Weapon.

In April 2013, Henriette B won the Rock’Air Festival band contest and played with the American legend Anthrax. In 2014, besides shows in Switzerland, France and Belgium, the band released his first EP Red Dawn of Humanity and a music video for the song Enslave Our Future.

In 2015 Henriette B played many shows in Switzerland sharing the stage with, among others, Texas In July, Walking With Strangers, Benighted and Dagoba. At the beginning of 2016 the band released his second EP Tales Of Reality mixed and masterised by Carson Slovak at the Atrium Audio (August Burns Red, Texas In July).
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