De : Düdingen (FR)
Owner : emerald
The history of EMERALD starts in the year 1995, when the two local bands DARK CRYSTAL and OPPRESS broke up. This as all founding members of EMERALD, named Michael Vaucher (guitars), Jvo Julmy (guitars) and Véronique Remy (vocals) (all ex DARK CRYSTAL) plus Stefan Neuhaus (drums) and Roger Winkler (bass) (both ex OPPRESS), played in those two bands before. Under the new flag "EMERALD", they wanted to start a new band dedicated to Heavy Metal.
The first songs though were composed out of old DARK CRYSTAL songs. But soon, the band started writing their own material. EMERALD describe their style simply as melodic Heavy Metal. For influences they would name especially eighties bands such as Virgin Steele, Iron Maiden, Medieval Steel, Jag Panzer, Warlord, Crimson Glory, Savatage oder Running Wild.
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