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DarkRise was created by four musicians coming from Lausanne and its outskirts (Switzerland) in 1998. After two years of composition, practice of the stage, use of their music instruments, they decided to register their first demo. Slave Of Death comes out in May 2000, allowing the group to play in concerts with Fleshcrawl and Yattering.

In 2003 the group enters the studio to register its first album, Massive Retaliation, a pure Death Metal album which will define the predominant style of the band. This album will be released by the French label Deadsun Records.

In 2005, after some concerts abroad, the band registers its second album during Summer. Unbeliever is released by Deadsun Records in April 2006 and is directly followed by an European Tour with Impaled Nazarene. This tour will take place in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and Switzerland.

This experience enables the group to progress and become more professional in its approach. It is an opportunity to have more visibility and contacts throughout Europe (particularly in France). At the end of 2006 and in 2007, DarkRise does good performances in Europe (France, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland).

In October 2008, DarkRise registers a full-length album at the famous Hertz Studio in Poland. A very rewarding experience which confirms the choice of studio and the investment of the band, because the sound of Built is simply huge. Futhermore the great cover has been realized by Niklas Sundin, the guitarist of Dark Tranquility.

The album will be released in October 2009 by the French label Great Dane Records and excellent reviews are coming from all Europe. Built has a great success with media, musicians and fans. During following shows DarkRise successfully recreates the power and the precision of the album and the audience appreciates live performances of the band.

In 2010, DarkRise begins a successful collaboration with Vincent Devaud (The Best of Underground ? TBOU), a booking agent who is in contact with many managers in Europe and concert events in Switzerland. He allows the band to play as guest with Fear Factory (US) at the Docks of Lausanne in June 2010.

In 2011, under the aegis of TBOU, DarkRise takes part of the European Tour « Those Whom the Gods Detest Tour », with the German thrashers of Dew-Scented, the amazing Melechesh and and especially the current leaders of the Death Metal scene U.S. : Nile. This tour is organised by Massive Music, one of the most important sponsor in Europe for Extreme Metal. This experience both musically and humanly rewarding will allow DarkRise to become known throughout Europe. Comments on our stage performances are very positive.

Shortly back home from tour, the band begins to work on a new album and enters the Hertz Studio in February 2012. This record explores new sounds, integrating traditional sounds including the use of buzuki (traditional guitar), who brings oriental sounds and music. The vocal parts are not left out, since particular attention was given to the placement of texts and singing techniques. Moreover, DarkRise works for this album with the drummer Kevin Talley (DAATH, Dying Fetus). Finally, the cover was done by Niklas Sundin, who once again did a remarkable work of art.

The album Realeyes was released in January 2013 by the label Great Dane Records and was followed by a U.S. tour "From Darkness Arose Immortality Tour". In November 2013 DarkRise opened the "Death DTA Europe Tour" with Obscura and played all over Europe.

After some shows with, among others, Six Feet Under, Morbid Angel and Requiem, DarkRise went to the Parlour Studios in England to record their fifth album with famous producer Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, etc...).

DarkRise is currently looking for a label to release it.
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