De : Genève (GE)
Owner : danglerz
D'ANGLERZ is a hard rock band featuring former members of BACK:N:BLACK, Silver Dirt and The Verdict. The band has imbibed inspiration from rock, punk, metal, blues & glam? to forge their own sound defying classification. Influences include Aerosmith, GNR, Zepp, Zombie, Crüe & AC/DC.

With three continents and four instruments, the band speaks with a common voice: Rock N Roll, delivered from the gut.

D'ANGLERZ have always focused on live shows, but are now producing their first full album. A few recordings exist: "Big God" appears on 2011's Monster Magnet Tribute, "Kiss the Right Side of Your Brain". CERN's 2010 release feaures "Still Breathing".

Taste the Edge of Oblivion.
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