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It was in summer 2014. Kevin Van Raiser was drinking something with his bass player and great friend Slayde Reyst. They was playing together in the same band. They was just drinking a cola and speaking about the situation of the band. The drummer was leaved the band since some month, and they was playing with a new one (Jerem The-Oak). But the situation was complicated. This band have played a lot during some years, but the members was not on the same way. “It was the time now to die for a new birth.“

Ten years ago, Van Raiser was starting to create a band. A band of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal like in the eighties. Unfortunately, he never found the musicians to make this project. But now the time was came ! Kevin explained the situation to Jerem and propose to him to make a Hard Rock and Heavy Metal band like in the golden age. Jerem said yes ! Chainer was born…

To find a bass player was not easy. Slayde helped Chainer for the beginning and he played with the band for the first concert at the Fire’n’Steel festival in november 2014. Some days before the festival, Van Raiser met Axel Whiteman. He propose to Axel to play with Chainer. Axel had to think about. He came to see the band playing on the first concert and after that, he decided to join Chainer as the bass player. It was the time to say goodbye to Slayde, but he will stay a great friend.

Days after days, weeks after weeks, months after months, Chainer created some songs and played a lot of concerts. The time pass and Chainer grows up. The public is great and the success too. It was the time for a new step. In summer 2015 Chainer Started to record his first album at Morphoenix Studio in France. For the song “Burn the City“, the band invite Natacha from the band “Shezoo“ to record a singing duet with Van Raiser. For this album, Chainer wanted to film a video clip with the song “Hungry“. To do that good, Van Raiser asked to his old friend Virginie Travaglini to make the video.

In autumn, Chainer continue to play on stage and announce the album « Orgasmo Mechanic » for december !
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